"Rize is about removing the confusion around mental well-being – what it is, how we can help ourselves, and where we can get help. There is already incredible knowledge and advice on this subject. We’re here to shape it into something simple and easy to understand that can empower us all to track and improve our well-being."
– John Harper, Founder and CEO of Rize.

Rize Mission

We want to empower people to help them to feel better and reach their potential, no matter how they may be feeling right now.

Imagine going to a new physio or gym. You're looking to heal a pain or get stronger and fitter in some way. You go inside and all of the machines and exercises are a strange shape you've never come across before - you're not sure how to use them, how they can help and there's no-one around to explain them to you..so how do you set up an exercise to reach your goals.
This is how we see the area of mental well-being existing for most people. There already exist a powerful range of effective exercises and information for mental well-being, but most of us don't know how to use them, how they can help, and there's usually not anyone around to explain them.

So we aim give something very important to give something very important to our users – context and accessibility. We want to make it so simple and relatable to find the best tools for you, that you feel like you’re playing your favourite game whilst having a powerful impact on your own mental well-being.

Instead of losing weight, increasing strength and fitness, we want to help you to manage your stress, strengthen your emotional resilience, confidence, your emotional intelligence and to feel better.



Rize Journey



The Rize concept was birthed in May 2012 when our Founder suffered from moderate depression. He struggled but eventually found a way out. He researched the best proven concepts and exercises to help him to improve his mental health and lifestyle to effectively recover and feel better. Some of these exercises worked for him, others didn’t. After talking to other people about his experience he realised that not one size fits all – some people may be suffering from stress, others a trauma in their lives, others simply wanting to feel the best that they can. This is where the inspiration came from.

Since then Rize has grown from strength to strength with support from the Accelerate Cambridge Program – constantly prototyping, testing and iterating.

Now Rize is ready and available to download. We will always be testing and improving with feedback we get from you so give it a go – become a part of the Rize community now!


Meet Our Founder

Our Founder believes that there is an underlying need in our society for a greater understanding of our own mental well-being. John brings together all the best tools he’s found with support from mental health professionals and institutions. He has reached out to specialists in mental health, smartphone technology, and business development to provide an innovative tool like nothing else out there.



Our Advisory Team


Professor Sabine Bahn

Professor Bahn MD; PhD; MRCPsych is the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research at the University of Cambridge, and a practising psychiatrist. She believes digital tools will play an important role in mental health and well-being and believes Rize has the capacity and vision to accomplish this.


Jen Martin

Jen Martin is Programme Manager Nihr Mindtech Healthcare Technology Cooperative, a branch of the NHS dedicated to bringing mental health technology into mainstream healthcare. She is able to advise us on ensuring, measuring and illustrating the safety and effectiveness of the app.


Duncan Stafford

Duncan is a BACP accredited and registered counsellor / psychotherapist who has been working therapeutically with people in a variety of settings for over twenty years. He is able to provide Rize with hands on advice of integrating relevant and effective therapeutic concepts.