Rize is about removing the confusion around mental well-being – what it is, how we can help ourselves, and where we can get help. There is already incredible knowledge and advice on this subject. We’re here to shape it into something simple and easy to understand that can empower us all to track and improve our well-being.
– John Harper, Founder and CEO of Rize.


We provide a great range of concepts within rize here are few:

We provide you with the means to track your day to day mood to help you to notice trends in how you’re feeling and even work out what’s causing it. You can then go on to track your stress levels, and even set up your own tracking system for any part of your life.

Mindfulness is a powerful technique that can help you to calm and slow down the mind by focussing on areas other than the mind – our bodies, the breathe, or sounds around us. By practising this you will automatically begin to develop this into a natural habit where your sometimes nagging thoughts can be easily put to one side.

Negative thought patterns can affect us all in different ways. They can affect our reactions to events, the way we see ourselves, and even the decisions we make in life. Rize shows you how to identify and reframe your negative thought patterns to get them working for you.

A healthy lifestyle is an invaluable part of our overall well-being and scope to flourish. Through simple exercises we help you to uncover which parts of your life are positive and which you may want to move away from. Rize helps you to set the goals and steps to help you to move closer towards your desired lifestyle.

Changing our behaviours can be tremendously difficult. That’s why we integrate a therapeutic concept called ‘behavioural activation’ to help you to develop healthier habits and start doing more of what you enjoy.


Learn in detail through the learn mode curriculum – thirty six steps, each less than ten minutes, to introduce and guide you through the different exercises and concepts that we integrate.

We offer over fifteen different interactive exercises for you to practise what you’ve discovered in the learn mode. We work hard to make sure that the exercises are both fun and simple so that you have a great time using them! The exercises are automatically unlocked as you take more steps.

It’s important for you to be able to track your progress. In the profile you can track your daily score, mood and stress levels to help you look back and see how you’re progressing, and start to see patterns in how you’re doing.

Choose which exercises work for you, set a regular time you would like to do them and let Rize notify you when it’s ‘workout’ time. It’s that simple!

In the diary you can look back over entries you’ve made in the interactive exercises and add anything here as well, so that as well as being able to track the numbers in your profile, you can read back over your thoughts and feelings you had experienced earlier.


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