How It Works

Easy daily exercises to help manage your stress and feelings of anxiety

Our simple and engaging exercises show you ways to improve your well-being, and monitor your progress every day.

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Techniques refined and developed for you

Felicia A. Huppert

“Rize is about removing the confusion around mental well-being – what it is, how we can help ourselves, and where we can get support. There is already incredible information and advice on this subject. We’re here to shape it into something simple and easy to understand that can empower us all to track and improve our well-being.”

John Harper

Founder And CEO of Rize

A lifelong tool kit

We believe that the best way to develop mental well-being and resilience is to provide a clear range of concepts, techniques and exercises for both long and short-term development. We provide a toolkit, rich with evidence-based concepts to help you to build emotional resilience and feel better.

Reflective Exercises

Rize not only offers a helpful and sustainable path forwards, it provides a well-considered way to reflect on your current situation, helping you to envision and your life moving forwards the way you would like.

Audio Exercises

We provide a full journey that takes you through the most important areas of mental well-being, complementing the interactive exercises and deepening your understanding of both your own mental well-being and those around you.

Physical Exercises

Included are simple and low stress exercises to keep you and your body active throughout the day...even at your desk or on the train. We know how important physical health is to our mental well-being and we have made sure to integrate this into the app.

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