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Empower people to de-stress, develop well-being and resilience, and practise at their own pace.

Everyone is different, and we at Rize have developed exercises to give each individual the tools to support and help them with their own growth and recovery. With the aim to strengthen their emotional resilience, build confidence and provide them with the tools to effectively manage stress, we are dedicated to helping your organisation flourish.

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Be the leader in mental well-being

Felicia A. Huppert

“The app has potential to help millions of people around the world. It integrates engaging and effective concepts to support mental well-being”

Professor Sabin Bahn

Director of Cambridge Centre for
Neuropsychiatry, University of Cambridge

Improve Productivity
Improve productivity

Studies show that reduced stress and improved quality of life improves productivity and reduces mental health-related absenteeism. With 12.7% of sickness absences being related to poor mental health and 14.7% of the workplace experiencing mental health problems there is a need for a tool like Rize (Ons(2014, Lelliot. P, et al. (2008)).

Improve Productivity
Save money

Supporting your company's mental-health can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and also reduce staff turnover. Rize is a cost-effective tool that can be used in and out of work, 24/7.

Improve Productivity
Lead your business

Large companies are just coming to realise the significance of supporting the mental health of their workforce and beginning to act on it. Lead the way - support your staff, innovate your support systems, and attract new staff with this accessible, engaging and effective tool.

Improve Productivity
Empower Your Clients With The Right Tools

In between sessions give your clients a practical way to learn and help themselves develop mental well-being and emotional resilience and understanding.

Improve Productivity
Improve Well-Being With Therapeutic Exercises

Our exercises and tutorials are all grounded on evidence-based concepts that have been shown to improve well-being.

Improve Productivity
Go beyond their expectations

Give your clients something that can both help them on their journey and promote your work as a proactive and up-to-date therapist.

Registering with Rize is easy. It takes less time than making a phone call to sign up your organisation. We set up your administrators account for you in minutes.

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