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We at Rize have an experienced team of professionals in the research and healthcare field who have developed, tried and tested techniques which we believe can benefit you and your well-being.

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A range of exercises focused on helping you

Mood tracking

Mood Tracking1

We provide you with the means to track your day-to-day mood, help you to notice trends in how you’re feeling and work out what’s causing it. You can then go on to track your stress levels, and even set up your own tracking system for any part of your life.


Mindfulness is a powerful technique that can help you to calm and slow down the mind by focusing on areas other than the mind – our bodies, the breath or sounds around us. By practising this you will automatically begin to develop a natural habit where your sometimes nagging thoughts can be easily put to one side.

Mood tracking
Thinking Pattern

Thinking Pattern3

Negative thought patterns can affect us all in different ways. They can influence our reactions to events, the way we see ourselves, and even the decisions we make in life. Rize shows you how to identify and reframe your negative thought patterns to get them working for you.

Behaviour Activation4

Behaviour activation is an important part of feeling better and living in a way that is more in tune with the we would like to live. We have integrated important concepts to help you to start doing more of what you enjoy and things that can improve your life, while slowly phasing out the less helpful elements.

Positive Mind

Positive Mind5

Being positive can often be a helpful thing and can sometimes help us to feel better. Our positive mind exercises encourage you to bring an extra portion of positivity into your day, helping you to build a helpful and healthy habit into your day-to-day life.

Research & Rize

We are currently collaborating with top universities and research institutions to discover just how useful Rize can be and to aid further research in the area of mental health and technology. We will post results from our studies once they're available to view.

If you're a researcher interested in collaborating, please get in touch

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